Five options for Woman to masturbate

When a man wants to vent their sexuality, can be solved by hand comes naturally, but for women, need to overcome numerous psychological barriers can easily use masturbation to satisfy their physiological needs. For women, masturbation a variety of ways. Here recommend several small series for you.

Woman masturbating optional five kinds of ways

Finger friction

Female middle finger and index finger are available, kneading or circling friction, or can also be used finger flick, try a different force generated by pleasure. A woman’s most sensitive parts, many women give adequate stimulation site, no insert, you can achieve orgasm.

Pillow between the legs clip

When you are tired with your fingers, might clip a pillow between the legs, thigh friction force, it will also stimulate you slowly reach climax. If you use the tool, you can put a pillow below the buttocks, so that you can change the position of the insertion of the stimulus.

Showerheads impact

When you shower, you can use sprinklers shock, which can increase congestion, cause sexual excitement, but do not send straight into a strong spray to avoid injury and infection.

Buy sex toys

Some women in a sexual spasm occurs at this time, masturbation is the best way to meet the physiological needs. You can go to the store to buy a taste for their own, in the case of insufficient secretion of lubricating fluid or condoms plus point, in order to have fun.


You can buy a shape like a small mouse “Tiaodan” and then activate the connection line switch this stuffed, “Tiaodan” will be like in the years bouncing back and forth, stimulating way different from the rotary pumping vibration mode, which is one good way to masturbation.