Girls menstruation must know

Treat your menstruation good, or later regret! Boys also look for your wife, right, must let her develop good habits!

Women have menstrual cramps before dizziness, is a precursor to cancer. Mother of cancer – Chuang Shu-chi PhD in 1922, 80 years old this year, Dr. Chuang Shu-chi anti-cancer regimen – girls menstruation why not wash your hair?

Long ago often hear older people to persuade those of us who are not afraid to die so young, because to ask them: Why not? Meirenhuida get out, just say: That is a human experience accumulated in previous caution, do not listen to the words, after the old will know! So this way, I always think it may be bad old days, the environment, not as we now have a hair dryer, wash immediately dry, it should be all right … think ……

After reading this article, before we know the issue is not whether there dry. Female medical doctor Chuang Shu-chi of Taiwan according to the study of medicine, Keio University in Japan has pharmacological cultivation Ph.D., MD, her life survey of three million cancer patients in Japan before the onset of the disease found that the vast majority of cancer patients have extreme eclipse habits, and there is an amazing discovery, most of the breast and uterine cancer, like menstrual cramps, her hair, put heavy things, or not pay attention to postpartum recuperation or eat cold food, caused by contraction of the uterus is not entirely in the survey, while so that the body secrete hormones imbalance, long-term accumulation of cancer.

Because of this discovery, Dr. Chuang is painstaking research during the female menstrual physiological conditioning method, published in Japan during menstruation improve diet, therapy and lifestyle changes, resulting in many Japanese women because of breast cancer, uterine cancer and other cancer surgery patients who have , due to diet, to improve the lives, leaving the cancer is no longer made​​.

Now this therapy has been widely publicized in Japan, and thus saved tens of thousands every year, this approach is not shampoo in the menstrual period, she said, when the old Hou, women who are aware can not wash your hair during menstruation, the Chuan give her daughter a wife, but I do not know the reason, there are many modern people always thought that science developed, the old saying no credentials, do not believe the results actually have breast cancer, Dr. Chuang said: previous uterine bleeding profusely women, gynecological not developed in the past, they are reluctant to seek medical doctor, but there is a self-treatment method, that is to wet the hair with water, then uterine contractions, blood immediately stop away.

Because of this principle, she found, menstrual cramps, not shampoo, can not eat cold food, so as not to allow the discharge of foul blood is not drained, and left in the womb, over time, hormone secretion disorders, while breast cancer, uterine carcinoma, in addition to not shampoo, do not eat cold food, such as pre-menstrual cramps have dizziness, swelling of milk, they were bleeding, which is a precursor of cancer, methods of prevention to follow body with brown sugar, lotus root, radish Portugal, barley etc., drink soup, you can prevent the development of cancer cells, to achieve the best methods of prevention.

Please forward a lot to his girlfriend and a female friend beside him. Naicha less, do not eat bread just baked, away from the charging power supply, drink plenty of water during the day and at night drink a day, do not drink more than two cups of coffee, eat less oil and more food, the best sleep time is 10 pm to morning 6 points, less fancy meal after evening 5:00, one day can not drink more than one cup, not cold water service capsule, half an hour before going to bed to lie down immediately taking bogey, less than eight hours of sleep will make you stupid people, people who have a nap habit is not easy to grow old, Do not call left a cell phone point, because the radiation of a cell phone when the power is 1000 times the usual, but also remember to use ear phone, ear phone will have a direct injury to the brain.

But also to share a few points.

Now a lot of female friends, have a favorite was wrong, that is breast cancer. (Do not pick. One pick in trouble, pick one, another will pick a few years), and uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts trinity of gynecological diseases. I am not a doctor, but know that the disease pathology, they all come to our holidays. Article 5, very good. To develop the habit of recording menstrual cycles.

Normal circumstances is 28 days vacation leave per month, plus or minus not more than one day, each time should be 4-5 days. After suddenly before suddenly will not work. Quantity is not OK, less is not OK. If you have dysmenorrhea female friends, do not mind him, regardless of his long-term future of these three may have a great chance. Through the pain to the hospital the doctor said is normal, does this not called disease. Called symptoms. In particular, to prepare pregnant mothers, must be adjusted. Why are some babies born with children with ADHD, Gesanchawu cold, absolute partial eclipse? Is the mother’s false problem.

Add grains and vegetables in recipes, be sure to eat more whole grains. Grains: soybeans, rice, corn, wheat, grain millet. We have not found infertility advertising on television more and more? In fact, because of our long-term eating foods hormones, pesticides, fertilizers and more over, the intensity of the liver excrete enough, did not break out after a lot of dirty things to come walking through the ovary, it will gradually get out of the jam, tubal wall , infertility too normal.

Summer, we must ban the mouth, do not eat cold food. Chill on the stomach, like Dr. Chuang said, the formation of cold silt, so that the discharge of foul blood is not drained, and remains in the womb, over time. (Uterine fibroids is the accumulation of residual)

Girls should be noted that the problem! Like him to focus on their own health ah!

Pink title board
>> 1 in a clean bed to sleep naked
>> 2 menstrual period does not eat chocolate, because it will increase dysmenorrhea
>> 3 to develop the habit of recording menstrual cycles
>> 4 through movement rather than adjustable underwear to shape the curve
>> 5 not Alice his legs to avoid nerve
>> 6 personal clothing does not dry
>> 7 pull the wind unsuitable for everyday wear thong
>> 8 last year’s clothes can be worn after exposure to be
>> 9 if not necessary, do not use sanitary pads
>> 10. regularly check the shelf life of cosmetics
>> Bath for an hour and then after 11 makeup
>> 12 even beauty, nor ear piercing in the upper part of the outer edge of the cartilage
>> 13 know their family history, especially the history of the mother and grandmother>>

Blue Plate title
>> 1 step into the office every day, first open the window ventilation, sit down and work
>> 2 if five hours a day to answer the phone, use a wireless headset
>> 3. copying files, and copiers to keep at least one meter
>> 4 is only necessary when using eye drops
>> 5 does not lie on the desk the morning of sleep
>> 6 to prepare a small cushion for himself in the office, on the waist
>> 7 Do not use a laptop on your lap
>> 8 at the desk raising cacti, help absorb radiation
>> 9 after reading a newspaper, remember stick in the hands of the ink washed off
>> 10. every 30 minutes once a lazy stretch waist
>> 11 office carpet cleaned regularly insecticide
>> 12 after using the computer to clean face and hands, clear fallout
>> 13 short shoulder bag will increase with symptoms of frozen shoulder
>> 14 briefcase lipstick and pen sub-grid store
>> 15. more than two hours a day to ensure that the time for foot heels when freed from
22:00 of overtime>> 16. too late no more than once a week

Green title board
>> 1 bathroom kept dry to prevent mold growth
>> 2 bath no more than 10 minutes
>> 3 with warm water to brush your teeth, and brush the tongue
>> 4 with alternating hot and cold water wash
>> 5 without plastic containers containing hot water
>> 6 regular cleaning of the refrigerator
>> 7 microwave at work, please leave the kitchen
>> 8 using hoods
>> Turn off the TV during dinner 9
>> 10. avoid using thick velvet curtains
>> 11 pesticides and cleaning agents should be placed away from the living spaces of the storage room
>> 12 natural floral or fruity fragrances instead
>> 13 winter room where the humidifier using pure water
>> 14 Do not covet facilitate the computer into the bedroom
>> 15. Do not put the phone on the pillow act as alarm clock
>> 16. hair is not dry, do not rush to sleep
>> 17 bedroom room to use pastel colors

Yellow question board
>> 1 between milk and soy milk, choose the latter
>> 2 that can also eat half-bowl too, the left table
>> 3 if the body does not feel hungry, drink four glasses of water a day just
>> 4 more yogurt
>> 5 for whatever reason, are not to smoke
>> 6 in recipes to add grains and vegetables
>> 7 drink green tea than black tea
>> 8 attention to breakfast more than dinner
>> 9. Control the amount of salt
>> 10. get up to brush your teeth, then drink
>> 11 regularly chew gum
>> 12 early in the morning one night, two apples can improve constipation
>> 13 vegan may cause abnormal hormone secretion, resulting in infertility
>> 14 at least once a week to eat fish
>> 15. away from cola and other carbonated drinks
>> 16. drink long cooking pot soup
>> 17 no juice milk this thing, they are a natural enemy
>> 18 meals to eat fruit after a meal than
>> 19 before going to bed can be a glass of red wine
>> 20. drinking coffee may cause osteoporosis in women>>

Orange title board
>> 1 8-9 points more than to enjoy the morning sun
>> 2 jogging, cycling and other sports can maintain a beautiful leg line
>> 3 hot foot bath can be effective in preventing varicose veins
>> 4. spirit of extreme tiredness decompression is not appropriate to exercise, rest is more important