How many times a woman can withstand a night of sex

Women are affected more than the number of sexual health, it is a matter of concern to everyone. Women during sexual intercourse generally through the following link.

First, under the caress of fantasy role of self-stimulation, the body appeared excited reaction (to arouse sexual desire), shortness of breath, rapid heart rate (an increase of 10 beats / min or more), facial flush, spirits; feeling swollen breasts, nipple swelling due to congestion large projections, there will be slight contact pleasure; vulva secrete a small amount of liquid, lower vaginal occasional reflex muscle contraction and obvious pleasure. After the penis is inserted in the penis twitch stimulation, the body further excited, obviously pelvic congestion, lower vaginal muscle contraction, tightly wrapped around the penis (plateau), sensory stimulation of the penis is more obvious, there is a strong pleasure.

On the basis of the plateau, about five to ten minutes of time (or longer or shorter period of time) can achieve orgasm, showing the head and face and body skin hyperemia red, light eyes together, expression of joy, breathing shortness or accompanied by groans, heart rate over 100 beats / min, breast stands, protruding nipples swell further, to the sides of the labia majora uplift valgus, labia minora congestion dark red and protruding outward, the clitoris was thicker longer erection , pulled up to the pubic symphysis, genitals secrete large amounts of thin, transparent liquid, the most fundamental characteristic is lower vaginal sphincter, pelvic floor muscles and systemic skeletal muscle involuntary, rhythmic contractions forcefully, warm and powerful pleasure throughout the body, mind naturally stagnate, all consciousness are immersed in the intense pleasure of orgasm and extreme happiness.

Finally, the resolution phase, rhythmic muscle twitching orgasm lasts about 5-30 seconds after getting a natural stop. Subsided body reactions, such as pelvic congestion, etc., then gradually subside within 20-30 minutes, the body return to normal state.

In the above process, multiple possible effects on sexual health are:

A penile vaginal insertion on several women’s health. Penis into the vagina and twitch, which the vagina is a mechanical stimulation, and may be bacteria into the vagina. The vagina is composed by stratified squamous epithelium, with strong anti-friction ability, if there is no friction stimuli produce pain, even sex more often, sexual intercourse for a long time, there is no problem. Individual women in the penis into the obvious pain, which may be inadequate preparation and caressing, vaginal fluid too little about the mouth, or have sexual intercourse with obvious fear leaving the lower vaginal muscle spasm excessive, and may have been there is inflammation of vaginal infections caused pain when the penis is inserted.

Repeated sexual intercourse, the penis when the penis is inserted or female genital dirty if so, might some bacteria into the vagina, increasing the chance of vaginal infections. However, the natural growth of the female vaginal lactobacilli can produce lactic acid, adjust the acidity of the vagina. Ph value under normal circumstances, maintained at about 4.5, typically in such an acidic environment, bacteria are unable to survive. So the vagina has a certain resistance to infection in the body immunity under normal circumstances, even a short time would not lead to repeated sexual intercourse vaginal infections.

Second, multiple orgasms impact on women’s health. Orgasm is a human instinct after a long evolution generated. Human nature is the ability to launch and undertake orgasm response. Therefore, reaction to the female orgasm is no health damage, modern scientific research results show that orgasm can improve the body’s functional state is conducive to health.