I have sex with 8 persons

I’m pretty open about sex, I am 24 years old, has experienced eight men, one will be a lot of people revile me promiscuity, I want to say is that in this increasingly materialistic age, many people because of and the choice of one segment of the men and women of passion one brief solitude when I do not want to flaunt their behavior, just want to start from their own experiences, tell those conservatives, crazy society.

18 years old my first one took place a sexual relationship with her boyfriend, then in addition to painlessly, psychologically there is no obstacle, because in my opinion, sex itself does not have any special meaning, which, hugging, kissing, shaking hands, quarrel, etc. etc., have a common meaning, namely: this is an event and two people have the same willingness to implement the. This concept may be difficult to understand, but this is my real thoughts, ideas and sisters around me also told me one kind, so I’m sure I like this idea of a woman is not heterogeneous. After tasted the forbidden fruit, I fell in love with that feeling, I like to see a man intoxicated eyes closed, sprint in my body, in my lower body sweat breathe emotional appearance, physical intercourse that wonderful taste, is human nature is instinctive pursuit.

There was a time, I also have three sexual partners, they are in different cities, do not know each other. Because of my job requires frequent travel, so I can regularly lingering around them with their passion. These three men are I met online. Although their age, personality, occupations are not one kind, but our communication process is very similar.

But in the process of interaction that site above all came to a similar, because that gather above lonely men and women are emotional or physical emptiness Internet looking for digestion object. One cut exchanges are straightforward, we are all adults, even though a lot of things to say tacit unknown to each other. Later, travel times and use one, I go to the city where they still remember the first one a go of Jinan, where he was a Northeast guy, tall, burly figure, people look at it very insecure one, then we just chatted online a few days, not to mention the strange familiar with each other, but can not be called, but it is such a relationship, the most prone to ambiguity, there is no sense of embarrassment acquaintance, but also some awkward formality, and later that night we After dinner back to my hotel, I put him to stay in my hotel room.

That was my first attempt with one man met online sex, have to say, I feel very good, although there is no emotional exchange with each other, but more focused on sex and therefore the process, he was taking care of my feelings, get a for a long time, until I orgasm before releasing himself. And there is no emotional tie him down, after breaking up is also very natural relaxed, without any worries. It also makes me feel good first experience, so I started to indulge in such tiles way.

Later, I went to Shanghai to find another one a man, he is a home game company’s art design, good painting painted one hand, we have the passion, when a hotel, but also learned a movie plot, I lay in bed naked , so he kind of like Jack one I drew one deputy painting. He painted very well, even if only one branch with a simple ballpoint pen, also painted a very focused, looks very attractive, but still does not change after the closing pen evil nature, quipped to me Xiexiao to draw him hard below Danpac hurt. After that time I was his right blush, Jiaochen a shameless one sentence, he threw himself on the bed, back pressed to the body.

I still have the painting collection of occasional out aftertaste, as if still smell the days of deep passions taste. The third man is the initiative to come looking for me, because we are very close distance, he was general manager of one trading companies, and not one like the first two men, he was a 33-year-old married man, before he , although I naturally open, but also understand that a married man untouchable truth, because it is on the Internet can be met, we are all the fun of it, I can not make the destruction of his family matter, and feelings for him really good, he is a man I know, the most mature and wise, I can not control being attracted to him, so then he came to me, I did not refuse him, and he had relations.

Today, they have ended the relationship with, and except for the occasional encounter online will talk for a few, feeling each other have been dull. In fact, this is the reality, then warm passion is one time, and we were just taking in the relationship only. Sex, at this age already is an open topic, we do not need to hide or escape innermost desires. They do not make immoral, do not affect each other’s lives, from joyous one field in one side? See my experience, I know for sure it was agreed it was opposed, but this is the most real to me, I believe that there are many women told me one idea is like, but they are embarrassed to open it, this is no , their own lives, what need others to give lessons?