Let you go straight to the climax of sexual position

It is said that there are 48 kinds of sex position, visible postural change sex is very rich. So, what kind of position like men do?

First, the normal position
An overwhelming majority, most of the grounds that “the skin can close together”; addition, there “can see each other’s face,” “you can get a sense of security” grounds. “Basically, women and truly loved a last resort, that is the normal position,” there are a lot of people hold such views, both physically and mentally can be combined as one of the normal position, can be said to be wanted and loved woman sex position.

Second, the ride position
“You can clearly see the woman’s face,” “you can see the position of the other party will have the pleasure,” men actually want to see the woman’s face; addition, “the woman tried very hard to reach orgasm look very provocative,” “To see breasts in front of shaking can not stand” and other visual enjoyment; course, it was suggested that the views of “effortless” like the physical on.

Third, back position
“Has a sense of conquest, to evoke from behind a line of sexy hip belt”, “exudes an angry crime, and it feels so cool,” and so cause men to conquer the sense of the major reasons. There are also “insert from behind, you can ignore her feelings, as long as their desire to do the best you can” and other reasons to wake the male animal instinct.

Fourth, the sitting posture
Sit together face to face posture, but also men like position, on the grounds that “her breasts posted in my chest, I feel very exciting,” “She’s just Jiaochuan sound in the ear, it sounds particularly exciting “and so on. In addition, women leant posture, and can be adjusted in and out of rhythm, etc., are having an attractive place.

Fifth, the dorsal position
Dorsal position regard to “the whole can enter, feel great,” the reason for the overwhelming majority; Others include “In the spirit of the poor state, this trick most effort,” “Even without drastic action, but also to by gently rubbing so that women get pleasure “opinions on the physical, as well as” feet entwined to exhibit erotic side of calisthenics “and other comments.

Make you more effective climax position
Q: When sexual intercourse, there is no make men more easily, while the woman can enjoy sex it?
A: Basically, in most sexual position, men still play a dominant role, and therefore during sex, men of course, we must personally, of course, men consume energy, and if it is by a woman sexual position to lead it, men usually will be more effort, the woman can therefore enjoy the process of sex. But by the woman to lead the sexual position, then there is little to be careful of is that sexual intercourse is not controlled by the man, so the woman does not know when there will be male ejaculation feeling, if the woman’s self-serving enjoy the action, plus the man without resistant “long operation”, then there may soon ejaculation, the two sides will not make sex a.

Q: What position is easy to make men and woman doing sex, the two sides can reach a climax of it?
A: men and women under the prone position, the male and female straddle position, the men and women under sitting position, etc., the man do not have to take the initiative; addition, there is an empty man out of the hands can touch women’s breasts and clitoris and other sensitive place, up and down while the results provocative, not only can enhance the excitement of her degree, but men can also be more effort to allow both sides to reach a climax.

Q: traditional male on female sexual positions under, will make women less likely to reach orgasm?
A: Basically, every sexual positions are likely to make the female orgasm. To men and women under the basic position, the man can pose pumping and oppression clitoris simultaneously, which means that while pumping with pubic or fingers to oppress, to stimulate the clitoris, or hands caressing the breasts, etc. these are in the process of sex can be more effective approach. Most importantly, the unauthorized use of foreplay techniques, so that women can feel the climax of the play first, so that when you insert, women will feel more parties will be more high.