My husband took me to the manager for promotion opportunity

My husband came home nearly two weeks to every sigh, and looked one straight demoralized. I knew he was promoted to deputy department for worry, it has already become one block his heart. I did not think how he actually sent me a promotion to the leadership’s room ……

Three years ago, he had one chance, the results have not been caught, I heard that squeeze under his personal leadership sent to the size of the foot more than two hundred thousand. Our family can not so much money, even if there are also reluctant. He never rely on strength to go up, won the leadership of the trust that have a chance to be under the old leadership of units next year, my husband who waited until one of high moral standing, and later he was hanging dish .

Until this year, they have one department indicators, he is also very consistent with the conditions, many people advised him to be a little flexible, early on the activities of subordinate relations activities, although his lips often said it does not matter, but I know he was so care. His people, usually quiet and communicative narrow circle, things always timid, unlike the kind of material that do great things, but he was very careful, people are very good margin. He is a very shrewd one individual, good insight into the truth of his mouth especially tight, not Luanjiang. It was with this advantage, many leaders just optimistic about his dare let him do some private matter.

That year he did a promotion, then tells me to say one sentence, so I still remember: He said leaders who promoted as long as he wanted to promote what conditions are met, who just do not want to promote, and then did not meet the conditions with.

This year saw him this way, I was very anxious, someone did not want to okay? Who would not want to let her husband go careerism it? I asked him how to do? Running or not to borrow money relations, he said useless, but he tentatively asked me to accompany him to mind if the leadership dinner? I say, that there is what, as long as the leadership you can do a good job, and we asked him to go to the most expensive restaurant meal delicious one. However, perhaps he listened to me these words, and later he even betrayed me.

The day before yesterday afternoon, after he came home from work, give me buy one nice skirt, and stockings. Are my favorite before he quite carefully, he accompany me to go shopping last week, I have tried through these two ultimately did not buy too expensive. Unexpectedly, he will suddenly give me one big surprise, that was married eight years ago, he was the first one times for me to buy clothes, I was very happy. He then let me quickly put on, let him see, I can not wait to try starting a skirt, put on after he praised me really very beautiful, that I very eyes. I started a little proud, and I said that of course, but our family had no money, I’m not not prettier than other women, I was born clothes rack. I say this, but also emboldened. Even though I am a bit narcissistic, but also the fact that after my 170 tall, had a baby, she remained fairly well, naturally skinny type beauty, wearing high heels is higher than her husband, weekdays units Doukua my male colleagues like a model, the envy of my female colleagues more slim.

Sleep that night, my husband hugged me, said:. “Tomorrow you’ll know you wear this new dress that you and your leadership dinner it I said I do not, I fear one played with strangers at dinner, too restraint, not any more to say, “her husband said:.” we were one play to go, it seems there is sincerity. “I agreed.
Yesterday afternoon, my husband told me after work at home to shower afterwards, Huanhaoyifu waiting for him. About eight p.m., in his great one five-star hotel, including one under the dining rooms, who entertained the leadership. A total of only three of us, but my husband can spend Place the dish one table, leaders also one Zaiquan him not to waste her husband and asked him what wine to drink? Only one point led bottle of red wine, then handed the wine I can say a little something to drink. I have always been do not drink.

I only had three glasses of wine to accompany them, feeling hot face, the leadership of concern to me, can not drink, that I have been very compliment the. During the meeting, he praised one another face to face my husband promising, talented. We try to say kind words. He said that now, like my husband it is a rare literary talent of the young, leading him privately early decision will be reused, but to wait for the opportunity, and said hinted called us to say the opportunity to seize the opportunity, missed opportunity to do not call opportunities.

The finished dish has led just clip to eat a few bites, he said, is now one way or another every day, large and small dinner, watching it eat, he said, not as good as another day to go to my house guest, try to do my cook dishes.

Being talked, her husband suddenly received one phone call, huh babble answer a few, he said the leadership of one thing he had to go out first with the next one, and then told me to accompany leaders eat well, also told I eat well, on the left.

Powell left her husband, and that leadership arose between the door locked ya, and then sat down beside me, very graciously as I would on the one glass of wine, they began to give me that those who do not take the side of the case. I can not stand his persuasion, and drank one cup handed to him, I politely said to him, Deputy Director Wang, I really can not drink, he said, can not drink, you and I do not drink, I see you have a little face red, but red like peach, red, very cute. Yuehua Jian, his hands held my hand, he pulled up a chair next one, relying closer to me, almost close to the body. I hasten to concentrate all, got another one sitting on a chair. He said that you do not walk away Yeah, I just wanted to say that mental words you say, to help you analyze the next Guo (my husband) thing. He approached me, he once again took hold of my hand, slowly stroking them boldly. This time I want to smoke all get out, he clutched tightly. He asked me to support her husband do not support working? He said I was one of her husband’s chances. After that, he’s another one hand, unbridled placed on my thigh. I said Deputy Director Wang, you can not do this, I have to go home. By the time I reached the door, he was actually the one voice shouting: “Come back,” I have no choice but to stop the steps, he walked to the door, I pulled one to the arms, said: “My husband promotion that you do, I’m One of the most important vote that way, to this moment, you have not realized that her husband’s well-intentioned you do?. ”

At that time, I have felt very scared, I do not know how to do next, plus drank a little wine, unable to paralysis in his arms, leaving him free to ravage. More than twenty minutes later, he helped me organize a good dress and hair. When done, his arms around my bedroom, not with my drink wedlock. I drank, I put the rest of the wine drank one breath.

He called, so my husband over. After her husband back, my head was lying on the table, I though a bit dizzy, but I was very clear, he said to my husband, I drank two cups, probably drunk. My husband to send him away, he said no, his car parked in the following, also told to go home after my husband gave me a cup of sugar water to drink. He left, I smiled and cried, her husband to help me, I put one on his face toward the fight up. He dared to fight back.

Last night, I slept soundly, I do not sleep on what basis? I drank Huajiu can not sleep, okay?

On this morning, my husband and I go to work as usual each, last night who did not mention the matter again thoroughly think clearly there meaning? But I never look down on him, not to mention he just mention Vice Division, even if he is a future mayor, in my heart he will always be one pile smelly dog feces.