private part color has nothing to do and experience of girls

Rumors say, the more typical pink color in private part, the fewer women experience in intercourse, whereas the darker representatives rich experience, but in fact, ah, every woman’s private part size, shape and color are unique, learn to love your body, it from beginning to understand these four things!

First, private part color, size and shape are personality

Choppy breasts, slim narrow waist, rounded hips, thighs – abundance of beautiful woman’s body painted lines, always enchanted. Men talked about the type of woman he likes when, but also fell in love with a woman, you can not select it with favorite part. You fall in love with her ​​whole person exudes charm, even more smaller than the ideal chest, legs more crude than expected, you should not care now.

Like the face and body, as there are personality genital points. Size, color, shape are different, it is a matter of course. To man’s penis, this world no two are exactly the same now.

Nipples and genitals, even though a child is bright pink, but in the secretion of female hormones after the onset of puberty, the color will gradually become darker. It grows ripe color proof, but also on behalf of the body can already pregnant. Then with age getting older, the pigment will once again slowed. This is the amount of experience and men together, completely unrelated.

Second, there is no odorless hairless woman! Odors and hair can also cause sexual excitement

Sex has always been in contact with the mucous membranes of the mucosa may also be referred to secrete liquid behavior with each other to exchange it. And sweat, as here, of course, there smell. If Aiye, urethral gland fluid, semen is completely odorless, this is the exception. Despite the extent of the points, but both men and women, each person must have their own inherent odor.

Body hair is the same, regardless of sparse or dense, also a woman quite vexed question. Some men feel very puzzled why a woman would not long useless woolen? This is because many women eager to beauty parlor or own their body hair disposed of. Removing pubic hair woman recently more and more. “Woman in relation to no hair, little hair.” This is a woman on their own efforts to build up the image, but also become a bondage, reined in the woman’s neck, and said it really ironic.

Pubic hair is different. Completely hairless directly exposed genitals may very sexy, but also very attractive looks lush wild.

Third, a woman’s sexuality is determined by biological rhythms, as well as men’s feelings

American men’s magazine issue of “Playboy” symbolic pattern is – rabbit. Rabbit is an exuberant fecundity of animals, but also throughout the year are estrus, so when using rabbit motif. In Europe, the rabbit is a symbol of vitality. Human males also and rabbits, they do not control the sexual libido is one of the male hormone testosterone. Men’s testosterone secreted by the testes stable, to around five years old will slowly decline.

In fact, women also secrete testosterone, and men except that it’s often a chart like the amount of change like curves. About women’s sexuality have a discussion, saying it was in “the strongest day of ovulation” “would like to have sex before the menstrual period.” Indeed, when ovulation, high testosterone values​​. But come when the menstrual period, this value will decline, but while inhibiting female sexual hormones = progesterone will fall. But testosterone is relatively superior position, so some women will feel agitated.

Just like that, a woman’s “wants” and “do not want to do,” unlike men, are susceptible to biological rhythms. So the temptation to go to bed during sex high success rate is relatively high, then? Things are not so single pure. After all, there are individual differences in ability to feel sexual desire, most women in addition to hormone issued instructions, plus “whether you like this person, this person wants to have sex”, otherwise the body would not respond.

If men think to pick her libido rising during sex, you can save invited her to go to bed and create an atmosphere of trouble, which is a big mistake! Lazy so hard on, it may be kicked out of bed.

Fourth, there will be a wet day, the day there will not be wet. Like sweat like Aiye

Why do women wet it? First, we have to understand its physical structure of it. When the human brain cortex receives messages of sexual arousal, blood will fall into children into the pelvis. Then a man’s penis erection; blood vessels inside the woman’s vagina congestion, labia minora and labia majora will thicken lubricating fluid leaking from the blood vessels, which is commonly known as “Aiye.”

Many men mistakenly think that “Aiye multi-sensory =” This is a very troubled woman thing! Amount Aiye have great personal differences. Some people obviously do not feel anything, but the vagina has continued to gush Aiye; Some people have the pleasure to revel in strong, but they secrete very little Aiye. Why is there such a personal difference? It can only be said to be different physique.

But with a woman, but also because of the physical condition makes secretion Aiye change. Before the menstrual period is difficult to wet, wet after drinking difficult, intense weight loss will become wet …… very easy not easy when wet and is not easy when wet, really vary.

Although we can not generalize, but the body of water savings abundant secretion Aiye will be more. True to say, like sweat, as long as drink plenty of water beforehand, can secrete than more. But I hope people will understand, clinging to the amount Aiye is pointless thing.