Teach you to do all the tricks of oral sex

For men, oral sex, but let him grow numb feeling particularly memorable, but also the needs of women’s skills,
Xiao Bian today together with a full range of skills you learn under oral sex, he makes you cool earthshaking.
Standard formula
Standard port love the ready position, with your hands to hold the penis, then penis into the mouth, down and out,
Beginning does not require latch all, how much can contain contain much attention mouth wide, do not let the teeth hurt delicate penis.

Licked type
Lick with his tongue on the penis, penis attention licked all parts, be sure to take care of the full.
Part of it is more sensitive to the top, if tongue swipe the top, it will cause him shudder.

Bite type
No mouth love experience of women, have had experience of eating corn, right? Imagine his penis into a corn,
– then grabbed the upper penis, penis to kiss, nibble, just as did bite to eat corn.
But the efforts did not chew corn Oh, much lighter.
Friction is mainly directed against the glans to say, because if the glans penis is very sensitive to latch onto, the glans of the friction with his lips, makes men very comfortable.

When after a few slow lick kiss, with the entrance of the penis may be, enjoy sucking up and down,
Mouth throughout the range of movement of the penis.