woman private parts black color a very normal phenomenon

Many people stubbornly believe that a woman’s nipples, labia and other private parts black, is the “promiscuity” performance, which makes a lot of sexually experienced young women who have not yet suffered BuBaiZhiYuan. Facts like? Here to discuss health topics under the woman’s private office, not only women, men should also be understood that the other half to avoid misunderstandings happen again.

In fact, a woman’s private parts were black is a very normal phenomenon influenced by hormones in addition to outside, and personal constitution also has a relationship.

1, the breast

Although we all think pink is very cute, but said that is not mature enough pink, the color black is a mature standard.
Only to sexual maturity, nipples will become dark halo color, this is because, thanks to sex hormones breast nutrition provided, the woman had sexual experience, the nipple will have such changes. Because sexual activity will promote the pituitary gland and then secreted by the anterior pituitary hormone stimulation of many, in fact, not only the anterior lobe of the pituitary gland, and even the middle will secrete a hormone stimulation of melanin, so the nipple color black At this time, the rapid development of the original small breasts will become plump and beautiful.

In addition, there is a black breast possibility that pregnant women, women will find that after careful pregnancy, breast series of changes occur: some early breast will increase, and some will become solid and heavy; breasts will have a full and a tingling sensation; dark yellow around the nipple and areola small particles is particularly prominent; color black nipples, also issued a black sheen.

2, labia

About labia black, there are many interesting speculations, such as “a woman’s labia black, is due to walk friction, resulting labia black”, “because some lotion bad, looks like there are a lot of lotion is corrosive” and other and so on. These claims are very funny, but it is not a scientific fact that women generally do not rule out the labia darken the following reasons:
Genetic Cause: The decision nipple or labia majora, labia minora primaries are genetic factors, there is no pregnancy, childbirth experience, young women, the labia even black, is innate, if thought she was “played” and that’s very rude thing.

Caused by too frequent sex: sex life, labia long-term repeated stimulation by external friction, resulting in partial pigmentation increases, its color will migrate over time and become increasingly deepened, this is a normal physiological phenomenon, while sexual stimulation hormone melanin also make the labia become dark halo color.

Normal pigmentation: female genital color is affected by their pigmentation, and this pigmentation is also concerned with the female hormones. This color depth extent varies with the amount of pigment itself relevant. Natural skin than white women, will be slightly pink, naturally darker skin, genital pigment will be relatively deep.

3, inner thigh skin

Some girls may find that careful, since there sex life, inner thigh skin begins to become more and more black, it looks ugly, unsightly, or even make them feel ashamed and resentful, in the end how to do it?

In fact, we do not need to feel sad or indecent, because the inside of your thigh, that is, we often say that part of the shares, which as with the sexual organs, hormones will be affected, it is more likely to be black, in fact, it is very normal phenomenon, but also the relationship between individual physique, do not be too worried; addition, there may be too tight to wear your underwear on weekdays, oppression vascular circulation, in the case of blood circulation ring true, melanin can easily sink, you skin color, it is easy to become darker, then suggested that a more lenient to wear underwear, to relieve what your inner thigh skin.

Woman private parts and maintenance methods

1, private parts use special cleaning products
Scalp, face and body skin’s pH value of 5.2 to 5.8 are acidic, for us, these sites were using shampoo, shower gel cleanser and can be said to be more natural, but also; however private parts because there is located vaginal opening bacteria (lactobacillus) produces lactic acid, the pH can be maintained at 3.8 to 4.2 acidity to prevent the growth of bacteria (bacteria prefer alkaline environment), the use of generally neutral or alkaline bath milk and soap, easy to destroy the natural protective film private parts, it requires a dedicated acidic cleaning products.

2, intimate skin needs special care
Private skin and lips, skin structure is similar, only a thin layer of cuticle covering the dermis, drain the water easily, plus modern women because of pressure, rest is not normal, private parts resistance is weak and difficult to maintain an acidic environment, so they need private parts can enhance force protection moisturizing products, in addition to maintaining the natural acidic protective film, and when the moisture adequate care can improve your dull, so that the “sister” feel more supple and translucent.

3, do not wear tight jeans
And privacy of personal skin closest to the small pants breathable natural cotton is better, because of poor quality dark dye could easily lead to allergies, while girls wearing tight jeans, stockings and thong will allow private office hot and humid, the menstrual period should try to avoid, but also frequently changes the napkin to keep dry. Access to bathing or swimming pools and other places, to avoid sitting in the pool caused by infection, in addition, staying up late, pressure, and fried and spicy food, but also will affect the pH of the private office of the.

4, after the removal of movement “sister” smell
If you want to avoid this embarrassing situation, the best is to get a dedicated cleaning supplies to clean after the exercise, if the outdoor sports, you can use the private parts before going out special talcum powder to keep dry, but also in sweat or exercise after the private parts or special wipes clean achieve a temporary effect.

Other private parts and maintenance tips

1, trim body hair

The best way is to “cut.” Hot wax hair removal cream will damage the skin with a variety of V region, causing unnecessary irritation or even bacterial infections. Although no such trim both so thorough and immediate, to V area of health, you can let the other half to tidy the garden for you.

2, to avoid infection

Hundred percent cotton underwear is the most intimate of protection V area. In addition, to minimize wear tight jeans and other clothing hoop tight buttocks, they can cause elevated body temperature, bacteria, thereby increasing the number of yeast, causing vaginitis.

3, vaginal firming exercises

PC muscle to tighten the pelvic muscles and nearby. With suppression efforts and methods to urinate, each for 2 seconds or more, three times a day, 15 days a month insisted. This will not only be able to maintain tight vagina, vaginal wall will promote blood circulation, increase its sensitivity.