Womb is so dirty

Every year, 200,000 women die from gynecological diseases population, in fact, they are not dying of gynecological diseases, died on their own ignorance!

According to the World Health Organization survey of Chinese women: 41 percent of women of childbearing age suffer from varying degrees of gynecological inflammation, while married women the incidence is as high as 70%. Here is a director of obstetrics and gynecology physician notes, let us look together.

1 female reproductive system is divided into two parts, one is the external genitalia, the other part is the genitalia, internal genitalia by the pelvic cavity, ovaries, fallopian tubes, uterus, vagina composition, external genitalia by the labia, clitoris, vagina, vaginal vestibule.

2 of the uterus is an important place to sustain life, when not pregnant uterus egg so big, once pregnant, the uterus expands like a balloon, until the birth, uterine contractions would come back, but also so big as a fist, this time womb full of folds and crypts, and no longer smooth, and these folds crypt where necessary residual waste.

★ uterus in the end how much residual garbage?
① parenthood garbage – amniotic fluid, garbage, garbage lochia
② couple garbage
③ endometrial shedding no clean junk month
④ plus endogenous source of body metabolism in vitro garbage

These trash accumulated, piled up a mountain, over time it will produce a toxin, all diseases originated in the toxin, which is now why there are so ah fibroids, cysts, ah, ah, and so the reasons for the meningitis gynecological diseases.

Why did the previous person so much wrong with it? That is because fertility and more, after the time that the previous garbage washed out, no old rubbish, coupled with continuous breastfeeding, breast constantly clear, solid hard to cause obstruction, coupled with environmental factors, gynecological diseases not now so much.

3 IUDs have not hurt?

Said no, impossible. If a woman can be a little considerate man, not the ring of course is the best.

Some people think that domestic technology is bad, go to the United States on the ring, it is very sad misunderstanding. Westerners physique is greater than the Chinese people, so the ring size than the domestic large and did not fit yellow womb. The results lead to more complications, generally it is difficult to find the reason.

Also women should pay attention to avoid IUDs extended service, normal wear for 20 years, a lot of people over 20 years, 30 years or even life does not pick. There are a lot of clinical diabetes is actually an illusion caused by IUDs extended service. Abstract ring after all right. But if the extended service time is too long, metal IUD has calcified into the pelvic cavity, it can not pick up, pseudo diabetes will be difficult to resolve.

4. know why more women than men, long life yet?

Because more women than men and more a detoxification organ called the uterus, so easily let alone give me the uterus removed, there is no uterus and uterine life difference of ten to fifteen years.

5 does not recommend that women use every day pad.

In fact, if you can not antibacterial sanitary napkins, is the most breeding bacteria. Do you think the above absorb foreign objects out of your row, but in fact you are on a towel so that the bacteria remain in the body, so that the bacteria in the body temperature and humid environment, you have a chance to breed and infection. Especially during menstruation, if there is blood under the circumstances, this harmful bacteria breed faster.

★ how do you know bacteria faster? Smell, the smell of blood is the result of bacterial corrosion deterioration of blood. This is why in fact the high incidence of menstrual women inflammation.

6 Why do some people shun the wound is not easy to produce good?

In fact, the growth of bacteria that affect wound healing. Because many of the sanitary napkin are not very good cotton material, so much with a fluorescent bleach, fluorescent agent itself is carcinogenic, and can participate in the blood circulating through the pores into the capillaries. This chemical is discharged by metabolic difficult thing remaining in the body, the immune system disorder.

7 Do not artificially choose a Cesarean section, as long as the woman’s abdominal cavity is opened, it must be debilitating.

Because parts of a woman’s abdominal cavity has a very important part called “cell in the hole”, but also draw knife in the womb! Caesarean women of her uterine contractions certainly no good birth, her wrinkled than usual crypt certain women. If your doctor has recommended that cesarean section easily produced, it must be because the relationship benefits. Who caught it? Those ignorant, timid and afraid of the pain.

8 The more early menstruation, indicating more severe qi deficiency phenomenon.

Early menstruation can cause severe anemia, thrombocytopenia, do not ignore menstruation; If pushed, indicating more severe winter palace cold blood, but also the most likely to cause poor joints.

9 acute cervicitis menstrual period is usually caused by sex.

Before menstruation the cervix to slightly open, this time all the capillaries in the expansion of our state, if there married life will immediately let congestion, congestion will produce inflammation, which is acute cervicitis. Feel no pain due to cervical nerves, we women do not feel, over time it becomes chronic cervicitis.

10. cervical cancer can not be seen with the eyes.

Doctors can not be seen with the eyes, only to do an inspection – is sliced​​, or a biopsy to see if there are no cancer cells, if there is early to remove the cervix, uterus removed mid-and late Sorry, to West to report, there is no way of.

Only 11 women do not have the best treatment of a cancer that is – pelvic cancer.

Although the low incidence of pelvic cancer, but the mortality rate is high, but also very scary. It is recommended that you do not sit too much, and now the sub-health walking on two legs missing on the lack of too little, too much ass to sit, pelvic inflammatory disease can cause pelvic fluid, slowly developed into pelvic cancer.

12 cervical and breast cancer are now known as the two predators.

That is between 35 to 50 years of age is a high incidence of gynecological age, 30 years old –40-year-old high-risk age group, so Gynecological too important! Recommend everyone 30 years of age, Gynecological once a year, if that is 35 on the age, especially among women 35–50 recommended Gynecological twice a year.

Cervical cancer, uterine cancer, endometrial cancer, including breast cancer, has best treatment. So long as women inflammation early detection, early treatment, early eradication, women’s cancer must be far away from us.

13 cervical hypertrophy actually said no problem, the doctor said no problem is that there is no such a big problem, like Anita, not really no problem, cervical hypertrophy has been described cervicitis appeared, but not so serious it, but for you to speaking, this time is the best cure.

14 We all know that a lot of women to wash their hands after using, in fact, it is more important than before washing hands after they wash their hands.

As we age, we prescribe natural defenses are gone, the first line of defense is the hymen, the second line of defense is the PH value, pH began to weaken, the most prone to infection.

15. why lotion is not always used?

Because antibiotics destroy the inside of the PH value. That is itself immune balance will be destroyed.

A lot of people go along with advertising, I thought I could wash will be able to kill harmful bacteria. In fact, you really kill it yet? No. Instead, gynecological inflammation will become increasingly important. At first, many people just infected skin. Do not wash Fortunately, an inflammation Wang Litou wash away. Farther deep, went to the cervix, it becomes cervicitis.

16. both for women or for children, birth must be the best.

Uterine contractions cause severe immune IgG protein by way of active transport through the placenta into the fetus, and therefore significantly increased IgG content than cesarean section, which make up the shortage of neonatal humoral immunity, immunity is the birth of the baby will be better.

17 vaginitis is the best cure.

As long as early detection, because the vagina vulva by our recent, no dome no ga ga boil after boil place, so is the best treatment, do not delay.