Big breast means more happy sex feeling


The breast is a symbol of feminine beauty, breast feeding organs have been only later, after it was discovered that the male breasts and lips caressing hands, breasts would be more expansive, but also slightly erect nipples, and then due to the reflection effect, the uterus will contract, is second only to more intense sexual organs sexy parts, so the breast was only known as the second genitals.

Just as men have the misconception that women want her partner have a bigger penis, like female breasts also believe it is important for men, eager to own breasts.

Many men and women think, the greater the woman’s breasts, the more intense the response to sexual stimulation, and easy to reach orgasm. Many men there is another fallacy that flat-chested women react to stimuli relatively slow, low interest in sex, or simply not interested.

Indeed, this view is completely wrong, absolutely no evidence to prove the extent of the size of the breasts with about sex or sexual response. In fact, women in the breast was touched when women with smaller breasts and plump degree of reaction is no different. Thus, women do not have to think twice the size of the breast.