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Nice pick and nice didlo, but i would see how she is playing for real.

Girls climax in thirty seconds


● let her forget the time
When you are considering how they hold on a little longer, many women are self-conscious very soberly consider the time is too long, then they may have to pretend to orgasm, or simply not even installed equipment, so count a. Solution? Do not let it trouble their climax, either you or them. A recent Swiss study found that for brain imaging, relaxation is to make a woman orgasm most important factor is the only factor. So let her know that you have plenty of time. The information you convey to her just how much longer insist, is more felt her pleasure – whether to enter the climax – and this is to relax and let her into the state of the shortcut. By the way, studies have shown that, under normal circumstances, women need 15-40 minutes to reach orgasm, so you know you have to go the children do?

● Use your wisdom to provoke her desire
The best sex is always undressed long before it began. According to the research of my colleagues at the university, wisdom, than looks and six-pack abs that arouse sexual desire. (However, the dirty habits and mess room cools down enough to make a woman completely.) So in some meaningful sing karaoke OK song, or for example to men’s self-deprecating let her laughable in the past. Yes, the humor is kind of wisdom.

● clothes off, and on opening praise it
From my practical research point of view, those who worry about the appearance of their lower body of a woman, it is difficult to reach a climax at the time of oral sex. Recent research also reveals that their own bodies are not confident or feel embarrassed women, not only sexual experience less, but not confident about their sexuality. Obviously, compliment a woman you’re likely to get everything. If you like the look of her naked, just like the idea that she share your right.

● chest walk, gentle supreme
In the previous play, swipe her upper breast, sides and chassis; these areas more sensitive than the areola and nipple. When gradually moved to her nipples, pay attention to how her reaction. If she is excited, the nipple will be congestion, but also because there will be a direct neural induction touch and want to explode. This way you will make her blood flow acceleration and vaginal lubrication, so she started getting better.

● learned that the key touch
Many women in your masturbation during her favorite thing was slowly helped her establish pleasure. Here’s how to do it. Lying beside her, gently covering the rear of the palm on her clitoris, and then use your ring finger and middle finger on her vulva lips. Initially there gently rubbing the skin, with her level of excitement and constantly add some pressure. You cover the palm of your hand around her clitoris, you can do indirectly touch – because most women are too sensitive, not like the outset direct contact with the clitoris. When she began to get excited when putting your hand on her pussy, with the palm of your rhythm, you can use the middle finger and fingertips teasing her clitoris.

● follow her pace
Once you are close to orgasm, even next to someone next to you trumpets, you will went ahead until the climax coming. But your woman might when you change positions and frequencies close to climax when suddenly stall. If you want to try to change, we are very happy, and a variety of techniques is very effective, but once you find our climax fast approaching, we maintain the status quo until we reach the end.

● let her cool finish
Two people can reach orgasm is admirable results, but many women – especially the clitoris super sensitive woman, would “Ladies first” This Code has made a very good response. If the beginning of time, you long to touch the clitoris, make her feel pain, and loss of sensitivity in the next masturbation and oral sex. So before sexual intercourse, we must first help her climax. Benefits you get: a woman after the first high tide will be entering a period of no period, so if foreplay once she has reached a climax, then after a period of sexual intercourse, will make her second orgasm easily reach . This thing sounds good do it again, right?