Blush Tips: man’s sperm, a woman can eat it?


First of all, I would say yes, eat your boyfriend’s semen top ten benefits, it is undoubted. Believe me, if you’re brave to implement it, the benefits get more than one, you will feel your mind and body will be greatly sublimation. While the current debate about the pros and cons of eating semen great, but the author of this method as implementers and beneficiaries, is fully qualified to talk about their experience and understanding, and these experiences provide them with the experience and share . I began bravely from two years prior to the implementation of this method were considered edible man’s semen at least the following ten points:

First, it can protect the skin, whitening skin. Man’s semen contains a wealth of androgens and protein, as well as zinc, iron and other trace elements, which can protect your skin, but also the effectiveness of large, incredible, any other skin care products are not compared. I checked some information, information that the man’s semen is liver blood and kidney essence Hopson, there is blood and kidney, nourishing beauty is the best health care products. Since I implemented, personal experience to this benefit, between these two, the skin is getting better, more tender, white and pink, and I am now without any cosmetics and skin care products. And people around to see, say more and more young writer, skin getting better and better, like Ningbo female students in the school (I graduated from college has been six years!), But of course I did not dare tell them face to face my tips only secretly pleased.



Second, edible man semen make your hair better. The information that: men produce sperm and liver and kidney, can nourishing kidney, blood and hair for more than kidney in the hair, semen and therefore men can UFA. I also understand from this point, no further explanation.

Third, consumption of semen can be anti-aging. Men’s semen zinc and androgens are anti-aging medicine, anti-aging kidney can.

Fourth, eat semen can treat insomnia, men’s semen has a sedative effect, as long as you persevere, it will certainly feel the benefits. Insomnia female friends may wish to try, not how long you will be able to feel where the benefits will be more fragrant sleep, endocrine disorders will be one symptom improvement. If a friend spots on his face, over time, will be surprised to find that the scar on his face gradually fade, fade away. Because man’s sperm can soothe the nerves, cure insomnia, and then adjust your hormones.

Fifth, you can enhance your sexual performance, you will find yourself more and more youth.

Sixth, you can improve your feelings with your boyfriend. If girls eat boys semen, in general, the boys will be very happy, and they will feel they have been affirmed as a victory in general, seems to have become a hero of the demand will be stronger, so that he would be more good love you.

Seventh, eating semen, can enhance immunity, the man’s sperm can be kidney and blood, strengthen your resistance to disease. Low resistance, frequent colds female friends can try.

Eighth, you can lose weight, when your body is getting better, your kidney function will become increasingly strong, excess fat will disappear naturally. I hope thin female friends can eat semen, and supplemented diet, over time, you will get a slim beautiful body.

Ninth, have high medicinal value, if you feel weak powerless when, with a use this approach, you will find that the effect of semen even better than American ginseng.

Tenth, the semen can also be used as a mask, the mask can be added among the skin’s strength is unrivaled, you can remove scars, scars, acne, smooth skin.

The above is a personal view of the author, and its validity remains controversial,

The following is the correct knowledge about semen, we might have considered the reference details:

A normal male sexual intercourse or masturbation semen volume by injection of 3 – 5 ml. Semen was gray, slightly alkaline, with special stench, this smell, the smell is mainly prostatic fluid. Fine slurry which accounted for more than 95%, accounting for less than 1 percent of sperm. Per day per cubic centimeter of testicular tissue can produce 2 million sperm, that each day tens of millions of male testes to produce sperm supremacy of one hundred million. These sperm if not excreted, they will be aging, death, and finally digested by enzymes.

Fine slurry is supported by cells of the seminiferous tubules, epididymis, prostate, seminal vesicles, bulbourethral glands and paraurethral gland secretions mixed composition. Where the seminal vesicles and prostate secretion, respectively, accounting for 65% and 30% of the total volume. Fine slurry is to provide transport of sperm and sperm nutrition matrix, and stimulate sperm motility.

Sperm and semen from the fine slurry composition, we further analysis, the main component of the slurry is refined water, accounts for more than 90% of other fat ingredients, protein particles, pigment particles, phospholipid bodies, amines (choline, fine , spermine hormone), free amino acids (content varies greatly, amino acids after normal sperm injection 1.25 mg mg / dl within 4–6 hours), enzymes (mainly containing acid phosphatase, lactate dehydrogenase, hyaluronic acid enzymes), sugars (mainly fructose 224 mg / 100 ml). These components and plasma components similar, but the source of the existence and role of different forms.

Judging from the ingredients described above, the composition of seminal plasma is essentially the same, then we retake the food and semen comparison, a bowl of milk (250 ml) contains 8 grams of protein, 10 grams fat, 13 grams of sugar, a bowl of milk (250 ml) containing 11 g of protein, 5 grams of fat, 29 grams of sugar. Compared to the body from the nutritional value of milk and milk much higher than the semen from the role in terms of semen is not a nutrient, but multiply needs of future generations.

For a long time due to lack of sex education, so some fallacies widely circulated in the crowd, such as: “a drop of semen, ten drops of blood, semen loss, debilitating,” that is the essence of man sperm to cause some people to falsehood as truth be believed. In fact, semen is neither what supplements contain high nutrients, is also not a panacea to cure TB women. Eat semen, in general there is no effect on the body, but the psychological impact can not be ignored.

Masseur for women to do the genitals SPA (real-life experience)


I had heard that Bali SPA famous, so this specially went there with friends a crazy experience, I feel really like to do a back QUEEN. Now I put this trip SPA share with you sisters.

Bali has a great variety of SPA, but the most important thing is to achieve the purpose of relaxation, comfort and nourishment. Each one decorated with the emphasis on the theme of SPA are not the same.
This year eleven and a sister I came to Bali, this time we stayed in five-star NUSA LEMBONGAN RESORT Hotel, this hotel is on an island, the entire island is only a hotel, so the environment is very good. The next evening, we went to experience the people absolutely obsessed with gentle JUNGLE SPA (SPA course of three hours, a room), I heard this SPA Center is designed for female customers inside the female’s reproductive health have a lot of special treatment, have a good health care services especially meticulous, basically what do not do it yourself, and listen to the tour guide said there is also a very special massage. With curiosity and friends came to SPA Museum, in a waiter’s lead down to a very nice room, the seaward side of the room is made ​​of the entire surface of the glass, you can see the scenery outside, the waiter said outside the glass wall is to look not come in, so it is safe.

Look inside the room furnishings, a large Jacuzzi, two massage beds, there is a very comfortable sofa. Inside the other kind of furniture is very old, very beautiful, I can hardly describe in words. Then the waiter told me to sit down to a cup of tea specialties Bali helps soothe the nerves. After a child, a masseuse came in, she wore a white pants, pants thin, you can see nothing inside wear. She is probably more than twenty years of age, the skin is black, but in great shape, the election appears to be carefully selected, and speak very light, she asked me if I could help you service? I feel very satisfied, then began my SPA trip.

She said I’ll help you put clothes off, I feel very strange, because the domestic SPA are their own undress. She told me to sit on the couch and took a big bath towel to cover it on my thigh, I was wearing a skirt. She first took off my shoes, I put on a pair of cotton slippers, and then she put hand wash a bit, after which wiped out into the towel and started off my skirt, for the first time off the skirt very embarrassed by others the skirt is difficult to take off, but the masseur is very considerate, very patient, very careful to put me down with a faded dress hanger is good, then starts to take off panties, off more carefully, range of motion is very slow she put my underwear after a good roll into a bag. Next, she began to take off my clothes, undress is more effort, and after take off bra, she picked up the towel wrapped me up and told me to go to massage bed tummy, her every detail are for the customers sake. Get down after she removed the towel, she said to me please help me wash the body. So she opened the hot water in my body slowly Lin Zhao, while pouring slowly rubbed my hands on my body, my heart tightness gradually relaxed. After the whole body wet, she asked me to let her give me a clean private parts, or wash my own, then I have nothing lazy to move, what she went by, she began my private parts with hot water shower, very careful the inside of my labia folds are clean, first wash here to let others give me feel really strange, but really comfortable ah, then I have been completely immersed in the enjoyment of being a. Then she started giving me coating bath milk, from top to bottom every inch of skin rubbing very carefully, this slippery feel really comfortable.

Then she began to touch my pussy bathed in milk, but a change, she said it was dedicated to Ms. wash genitals, which has a unique efficacy, have good health care, and you can wash inside the vagina, there is no irritating. She was very careful in the genital rubbing, wash my own when they are not so careful too. She took a very soft brush to brush on the labia folds, not sparing even the slightest gap, and even clitoral foreskin here have turned up brush, of course, did not brush for a long time, because there is very sensitive. Then she asked me not to wash inside the vagina, I feel special here, this shower gel to wash should be a wash. She changed a round brush, a bit like a brush, but soft and more slowly inserted into the vagina inside, this feeling with sex is different, not so exciting, but very comfortable. She washed the way is very special, with a spiral slowly sticking out.
Well finally wipe bath milk, start washing, flushing the vagina, she took a disposable plastic tube, connected to the hot water, and slowly inserted into the vagina to go inside this plastic tube recessed head like a ball, water outflow from below, masseurs action is very light, basically feel something moving inside, inside the red is very clean. Wash completely behind, she took a towel to wipe my body a bit. Then she asked me not modified look genitals, she said modified look more sexy. I asked her how modification, she said the first hair removal and then do the labia and anus bleaching red, following the same as done after the girl, very beautiful. I was really surprised how well this service abroad ah, but think this is very good, you can do it. First hair removal, hair labia she asked me not to take off on, I say put off, so very good to see. Hair removal is very simple, first with a small pair of scissors to trim my pubic hair a little shorter, and then later painted with beeswax, forced a tear is very light, and this does not even wax paper, after hair removal, I touch a bit labia, feeling really smooth ah, tender. Then she gave me a drift of red, she said that this drug is the recipe here, not available elsewhere, bear fruit quickly, but maintain a relatively short time, probably only a few weeks. She picked up a little with your fingers on my labia medicine very carefully massage the other hand massages on the anus, according to a very long time, and finally rinsed with water, and then again for another kind of medicine, but this time not with hand massage, but with a will heat massager massage, the massage very strange shape, relatively large, just behind the anus and can be wrapped around the genitals, anus has a cone thumb size, put it into his anus, Because painted cream so it is smooth, it is easy to enter.

Masseur say anal fold here too, only distraction will be effective. After opening the switch, while also feeling hot hemp came from below. Masseur said to massage fifteen minutes or so. (Here also say a very shameful thing, massage when I actually below moist, but really quite comfortable). After the first wash with massage bath milk look washed clean after she took the mirror to me, I saw, really can not believe that my pussy would be so nice if a real time back to the fifteen-year-old the whole genitals are pale pink, especially the labia minora change mouthwatering, even the anus have become pink, really too beautiful, in front of the pubic hair trimmed very delicate, a beautiful triangle, I think certainly want to see if my husband ate, really beautiful, I recommend you do what sisters are there really unexpected effect ah.
And finally wash the body again, after she gave me dry, took a small white shorts for me to wear, the fabric is very light very slippery, a bit like at home, wearing pajama bottoms, very relaxed, I feel very comfortable. She told me to lie down on a massage bed another, then started doing oil massage. Then masseuse asked me not to choose male masseur to give me a massage, I am a shocked and asked her why she should choose masseur. She said that this is their museum features the SPA, particularly female reproductive health care, according to the local ancient, oil massage only in the opposite sex massage in order to achieve the best results, the opposite sex massage from psychological to the physiological produce a change, will regulate endocrine, women’s skin has been greatly improved.

She said male masseurs are rigorous professional training, done regularly checked, and only one customer a day massage, body massage before cleaning. Of course, this project can also be done by a masseuse, but it should do the men will feel better. My heart began to worry, I feel so sorry for her husband, but they wanted to try it, I feel very exciting ah. In my contradictions, when the masseur said, after oil massage genitals, whether man or woman by pressing, due to the stimulation of the genitals, city congestion, the best way is to reach orgasm, so that congestion retreat, reach total relaxation, this is very beneficial to the body. She said you do not take this as pornography, it is actually a health treatment, and masseur provisions are not ejaculate. I think it right, then finally at the instigation masseuse agreed to by male masseur service, but the requirements of one of the most experienced. Then masseuse out, after a while children a masseur came in, but I’ll be a little regret, a thought so I’m wearing only a transparent shorts lying there, my face immediately red, even worse is that I Morgan Stanley did not think the men how the division looks so old ah, perhaps a foreigner because of it, does look a bit old. I think over time, how to make this old man to massage it, how to run it. I never even dared to lie in that when the masseur to speak, he said he did here masseuse twenty years, now four years old, is the other master masseur. No wonder so old, I think, ah, but I think he should experience relatively well, it reluctantly agreed. But still very awkward. Then he took a very delicate pot, first tune massage oil, I see there are several oil mixed together, then add hot water. Then began the massage, he first took off his pants, then took off the underwear, I was afraid to look at what the eyes are closed, when he said to begin only opened his eyes, eyes open, he found one with hair below do not feel like shed off too, quite clean, and that something very dark great, I did not dare look carefully. Then he poured the oil into my body, scalding hot oil poured down feel very comfortable, especially in the genitals shower, I felt very warm. I temporarily forgot his being a man of service. Then he began to massage, first hand, to help spread the oil on the body and put it very carefully. He slowly reached for my breasts from behind, because coated with oil so easy to go out into the front of his hand big ah, the first time I was an outsider so ask breasts, feeling very shy, so the body motionless, his action is very careful, very gentle, very soon I felt a feeling of anxiety, as if rubbing my father as a child, very light rubbing, fingers slowly slip nipple, and hemp and itchy, I never not experienced this feeling, really too comfortable, it is difficult to describe in words. And I feel his actions there are no little erotic component, only completely massage, essential oils are completely absorbed by the skin. I think this is the difference between foreign and domestic bar. Then he began to press my ass, and I now find big hand is really a good thing, massage ass when I was wrapped on a kind of feeling, very comfortable, as in his hands knead the dough, fingers slowly through the thigh down to the genitals, and finally began to massage here, I was really looking forward to seem a kind of feeling, but fortunately did not let me down, do not feel the same, I just took off the hair on the labia and therefore particularly sensitive, you can feel the slight movement of his fingers, accompanied by the health effects of essential oils, my pussy started hot, I had people almost stumbled, and after a while children below came the very warm feeling, very strange , I saw, that he is using his tongue to add my labia, this feeling is really beautiful, very comfortable, especially tongue into the vagina, it should be said that drilling vagina, because he was very hard, but not live suck, then he asked in what way I want to reach orgasm, I said just now. At this time, I suddenly felt a lot of things very rough stretch came in, very full, he first slowly twitch, then faster and faster, and I began to moan …… twenty minutes later, I’m feeling melted, really can not stand it, as it has twice orgasm. But he really did not shoot inside. This feels good to me, is really being served. Then he put me into a bathtub filled with flower petals, told me to rest for a while, someone will say wait a minute to the service. To be honest, I did feel what is the real SPA, what is the true relaxation, the people have to fly up. Finally, the waitress came to me wipe the body, giving a new underwear, to help me get dressed.

Bali really deserved reputation ah, you brave sisters can go to experience this Queen-like experience. After asking the tour guide there, they will take you. Spent 2000 yuan, I feel very cost-effective.